Friday, May 17, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 17 - Creature Comforts

I'm lazy, and I absolutely love my Keurig. It's getting old, but it still works fabulously!
We run only distilled water through ours and it's been 5 years and we haven't had to descale it once!
I don't usually buy the pods anymore, unless Mister Man has a hankering for a particular kind of coffee.
They start to really add up cost wise.
We use the little reusable basket and fill it with whatever loose leaf tea or ground coffee suits us. When we initially bought the basket it was about $20 at Walmart. But it's been a couple of years and I think you can get them for about $8 now.
Mister Man makes fun of me because I really like Lipton tea. Not just that, but I prefer the Lipton finely ground tea in teabags as opposed to the loose leaf tea in the box. I think it's stronger. So I still buy the tea bags, and just rip the top of each one and dump it in the little Keurig basket. I find it convenient and less expensive!
He thinks I'm a total nerd though :)

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