Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The way the cookie (and my shoulder) crumbles

If you tuned in a couple of days ago you heard me complaining about the bumpy road that Mister Man and I have been traveling for the past several months.

Well, want an example?

The picture above shows what I'm told is a stage 3 AC separation of my left shoulder (in addition to an incredibly long neck and what appears to be boob fat being squished out the side of the brace) . That large bump on the shoulder is my collarbone, which apparently isn't attached to my shoulder anymore. I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out.

This happened first thing last Sunday morning. It had rained Saturday night, leaving the ground wet. We were taking our dogs for a walk and Fletch yanked on his lead just as my foot hit a wet spot on the last step of our wooden deck stairs. I went flying off and landed in the grass on my back. I blacked out for just a few seconds and came to grabbing my neck/shoulder area screaming, Had no idea I'd done any actual damage, just felt like all the muscles were cramping at once and I was viciously trying to massage them out.

As soon as Todd saw that I couldn't move my arm and the giant knob sticking up, he rushed me to the ER. It was bad enough that I was brought into the ER with my rats nest of hair unbrushed, crying with snot everywhere and a dangling arm. I just realized the shirt I had on was inside out and backwards.

Sometimes I rock so hard I can't even handle myself.

I have an appointment at UK on Thursday morning with an orthopedic specialist to determine the extent of the damage and course of treatment.

Thinking this is going to throw a bit of a spin on my portion of the Photo-a-Day Challenge! It's going to make it more interesting on me to say the least!

Speaking of, the photo challenge starts tomorrow!
Hope to see you all there!


  1. Oh no! I hope it's a simple and speedy recovery. *ouch*

  2. love your 'more words...crazy' there at the bottom of your blog! loving the new look over here...and realise it's probably not new, I'm late to the party as always.
    Feeling your pain
    fee x

  3. Is the small bump on your right shoulder normal? I have that and am concerned.


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