Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The way the cookie (and my shoulder) crumbles

If you tuned in a couple of days ago you heard me complaining about the bumpy road that Mister Man and I have been traveling for the past several months.

Well, want an example?

The picture above shows what I'm told is a stage 3 AC separation of my left shoulder (in addition to an incredibly long neck and what appears to be boob fat being squished out the side of the brace) . That large bump on the shoulder is my collarbone, which apparently isn't attached to my shoulder anymore. I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out.

This happened first thing last Sunday morning. It had rained Saturday night, leaving the ground wet. We were taking our dogs for a walk and Fletch yanked on his lead just as my foot hit a wet spot on the last step of our wooden deck stairs. I went flying off and landed in the grass on my back. I blacked out for just a few seconds and came to grabbing my neck/shoulder area screaming, Had no idea I'd done any actual damage, just felt like all the muscles were cramping at once and I was viciously trying to massage them out.

As soon as Todd saw that I couldn't move my arm and the giant knob sticking up, he rushed me to the ER. It was bad enough that I was brought into the ER with my rats nest of hair unbrushed, crying with snot everywhere and a dangling arm. I just realized the shirt I had on was inside out and backwards.

Sometimes I rock so hard I can't even handle myself.

I have an appointment at UK on Thursday morning with an orthopedic specialist to determine the extent of the damage and course of treatment.

Thinking this is going to throw a bit of a spin on my portion of the Photo-a-Day Challenge! It's going to make it more interesting on me to say the least!

Speaking of, the photo challenge starts tomorrow!
Hope to see you all there!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Photo-a-Day for May

I don't know about you guys, but I'm in love with my camera. Whether it be the one on my phone, or my beat ass old cannon with the trigger scotch taped on. I don't claim to take great shots by any means, but I really, truly enjoy taking pictures. I have fun with it. One thing I've recently become addicted to is Instagram. It's only been recently because my decrepit ass only just now shoved off into the 21st century and upgraded to an android phone in February (went with the Galaxy S3 and am in love with it). Hence, I finally have access to Instagram on a regular basis (and no longer have to envy my neighbors preteen daughter with her fancy new iphone5). I've almost exclusively used my phone to take pictures since then... Hmmm....food for thought. Might have to dust off the Cannon during this challenge!

At any rate, I've seen many, many versions of the photo-a-day challenges floating around the interspace, and I thought it might be a fun exercise to try out. I'm looking forward to pushing myself a little creatively, having a bit of cheeky fun and possibly putting myself in front of the camera more (something I'm not very good at). If I can't do that, I figure maybe I'll be able to give myself a pat on the back for just remembering to do it every day :)

Here's how it works - 

I've chosen a term for each day in the month of May, represented in the photo above. You can interpret these terms however you want. I can't emphasize that enough. That's where the real fun lies in my honest opinion. Seeing which direction people choose to go.

If you start late, or miss days...honestly, whatever. Feel free to make them up at your leisure.
And if you stumble across this in the future, enjoy and please tag me so that I can see your photos!
I personally am going to try to post each day for a few reasons. 1) I'm hosting this thing, so that'd be kinda lame if I didn't, and 2) my level of procrastination has seriously peaked recently, and I'm hoping this might help instill something to get me back on track...a bit.

You can use the social media platform of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, blog, flikr, etc.) and it's up to you whether you want to share your photos or simply use this for your own exercise.
I'm not going to lie though, I'm pretty pumped to see your photos, and get to interact with you guys in regards to them. I'm really hoping that a few of you choose to join in!

If you choose to share on:
Instagram  - use #freakedoutnsmall
Twitter - use #freakedoutnsmall
Facebook - post your photo to either the freaked out 'n small page, or your own personal page and tag freaked out 'n small

That's all there is too it! I wanted to get this out a couple of days early so everyone has time to catch it. If anyone has any questions, or if any of the instructions above don't work out because I'm a goober and screwed something up, just drop me a line and I'll take care of it.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

A pretty sweet little walk

Want to see one of the reasons I love this town so much?

A little library on right on the street! The Little Free Library - Take a book, leave a book!

We spent a little time downtown this afternoon, eating cupcakes, walking around, eating turnovers, walking around some more, and ending up at the library.

French toast with maple frosting, sprinkled with bacon and drizzled with maple syrup?

Yeah. Yeah, I'll take one.

I can't get enough of the trees

and Mister Man can't get enough of the very small doors we find all over downtown

He gets so jazzed

So, I know you'll all totally believe me when I tell you that we walked to the library, and I of course checked out about 50lbs of books. I'm awesome that way. And really. We both should have known better. I'm usually at my maximum limit of library books to be checked out at any given time...for both libraries. I don't go small, bitches.

I'm compelled to mention that I'm going to attempt to learn how to crochet! I have checked out some pretty decent books, bought my hooks, have more yarn than I know what to do with. This is gonna happen! I've even met an awesome lady downtown that has offered to help me learn! I just have to take her up on it now...
If any of you have any great sites or books to check out please let me know!

And because I know you're just burning up with curiosity, here's the book I'm most excited about right now

Wanted to see the movie, but after reading reviews decided to save our money. If the book is captivating enough I'll probably drag Mister Man to the flick despite what I've read about it.

Hope you guys are gearing up for a great weekend.
Spent in your jammies, hanging from a rock wall, or hanging with friends...enjoy!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Sister

Happy Birthday to my sister, Heather!!!

(I don't have a lot of pictures of the two of us as kids, Heather. So don't kill me for posting this one...)

Hope you have a wonderful, birthday...and a wonderful birthday weekend!

Your (slightly crazy) Big Sister

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A very spectacular sunset

Mister Man and I took a ride up to one of our favorite spots in town, The Frankfort Cemetery, to watch the sun set. It's finally warming up, making it a really nice place to take an evening, or morning walk.

Spring is here and there are huge splashes of color on the grounds


and we managed

to catch

a very spectacular


Thank you for the evening, Mister Man ♥

(but you're still taking me to see either Evil Dead or Lords of Salem this weekend....preferably Lords of Salem. just sayin'.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd.....I'm back

So. That was quite a break, wasn't it? A little over seven months I've been away from the blogging world. You do remember me, right?

There were many, many reasons that I stepped back, albeit none of it was planned. Well, I shouldn't say that. Things were planned that had unexpected consequences that led up to my blogging hiatus. There. That's better. A bit confusing, but better put. See, my husband and I decided it was time to try for a bambino. The biped kind as opposed to the four legged kind we usually refer to as being our 'children'. In order for that to happen, I had to come off of all the prescription medications that I'm on. You can call my husband and I hippies (you wouldn't be the first), but we talked it over at great lengths and decided to come off all my medications completely and try it that way, instead of attempting drugs in lesser pregnancy categories. We want to minimize exposure of any risks to our baby.

Okay, yeah. Good intentions aside, that shit just didn't work. Notice the title of this post isn't something sickeningly cute like "2+1=3!!!!" or something similarly nauseating. Yeah. That would be because we didn't get pregnant and I'm back on my pills. Sometimes life just throws you a one-two punch...and then a roundhouse kick...and uppercut...then it takes you down in a choke hold...and then puts your ass in a half nelson, and a quick side mount... Well, you get my point. As soon, as I came off my medication a bunch of crap blew up in our lives! Not trying to be dramatic at all.  Life seriously took a sharp right turn down some bumpy ass country road...and all Todd and I could do was look around and wonder where the hell we just ended up! I might talk about some of these things at a later point...most likely because life is still taking us for a bit of a bumpy ride and we're in the midst of some pretty emotional family stuff.  Despite all our setbacks though, know this, we're resolved to try to extend our little family again in a year!!! Come hell or high water. Until then, Mister Man and I will enjoy being just the two of us for a little bit longer. :D

Things might sound a bit different around these parts of the blogging world. I might be using this space as a little more of a personal sounding board and I'm still up in the air over whether or not I'll be opening my etsy store back up again. My Facebook page is starting to look like a blog though, so I figured I might as well hop back over here and at least give people the choice of reading my ramblings, instead of shoving it on their home page every day. (You're very welcome my Facebook friends, but let's face it...ramblings on Facebook will still most likely continue.)

And I hope you've noticed that things look a bit different around here too! I thought the other way was starting to appear really cluttered, and maybe it's because life's been so tangled lately but I just felt the look needed to be cleaned up. At any rate, I'd love to know what you think of it! I'm pretty proud of myself because I figured out how to do it all by my lonesome! Social media buttons and all. That means things will probably get tweaked, because I can never leave well enough alone. And truly don't be surprised if a link is broken here or there because I'm complete crap at html.

Also want to mention look for the Photo-a-Day Challenge for May coming in just a couple of days! This is a little fun exercise I'm doing to explore photography and push myself into getting in front of the camera more. I'm going to post everything a few days early to give anyone that feels like joining me time to look it over. And I really hope a few of you do join in! Half the fun is in sharing and interacting over the photos.

Until then my friends...stay thirsty.