Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My fancy new kitchen curtains

I finally got around to making the kitchen curtains I've been talking about putting together since we moved into this place 10 months ago. We had some family come out and stay the weekend, so I used that as motivation to get off my butt and turn the sewing machine on again. I am literally thrilled with the way they came out.

Our kitchen is pretty white washed and bright, and my intention is to fill it with color. So I used some bright fabric that I had laying around - I'm a crazy fanatic about using my 50% off Joanne's coupon so I can hoard fabric for projects like this - and threw together a quick pattern. Pfffft. I wouldn't even call it a pattern. I basically just hemmed all four sides of a square. Actually, it was a bit more complex than that. I had to make sure that I had the right measurements for the window, and then had to make sure that each of the different colored panels measured up correctly (not so easy to do for someone that can't cut or sew a straight line), and then I did a rolled hem...not to mention we had to rehang the curtain rod because the previous tenants had hung it with the left side about 2" lower than the right.... 

But I managed to get them somewhat lined up and hung!

I have to laugh because under this window is a sink full of dirty dishes that I've been avoiding all day.

I was too lazy to change the thread out while I was sewing, so I just picked a color I liked and went with it. Turned out the contrasting teal was a nice choice!

And last, but definitely not least, I threw together a colorful little pom pom banner to hang above it.

I think it really dresses the kitchen up! They have inspired me to finally start decorating this place. I have such a hard time wanting to decorate or fix up a place we just rent...but we've decided to see if we can sign another year lease while we get everything together to purchase a house, so I'm finally giving in and attempting to make her pretty.

'til next time my lovely friends...


  1. I smile every time I see them.

  2. Lovely lovely lovely. I'm a big fan of the fabric choices and how it all turned out. Nice work! :)

  3. Thank you so much, Sara!!! If I keep this up, I'll conquer sewing a straight line yet!!! :D

  4. They're so pretty and pom poms coordinate so nicely! how are the separate patterned cloths connected in the back or is it just the seams on the sides?

  5. Make things that you can easily take with you and decorate your new home...I did ;-)

    CUTE curtains, thanks for the post! Remember NOT to watch your needle when you sew..pick out a place to the right and in front of (I watch a certain place on the numbers in the plate. Always make sure your fabric lines up THERE, then by the time it hits the needle it just sews in the correct place. Keep on sewing and posting, thank you!


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