Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bloggers Beware

We've all heard quite a bit about the possibility of being sued for posting someone else's picture on the internet without the owners consent. This goes beyond the world of blogging, to include the world of Facebook and Pinterest, among others. It's something I've often had small panic attacks over but never really done anything about, lumping myself in the 'it'll never happen to me category'. 

Well, after reading the article written by romance author Roni Loren in regards to her experience of being sued for using a random internet photo in one of her blog posts.....I think it's time to err on the side of caution. I strongly recommend you pop over and give her post a quick read through. She has some very interesting information in it. You can find her article here.

As for me, well, I'm cleaning up my blog posts. Slowly but surely. I have very, very few posts with other people's photos in them. But I still feel the need to go through each past post just to make sure I haven't infringed on anyone's copyrights. Better to be safe than sorry. And I'm still up in the air about Pinterest - even though they've changed their Terms and Conditions. I haven't deleted my account with them, I just haven't used the site in a long while. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? I'd like to hear them.

Completely random picture of my Otter Pop.
But it's MINE!

'til next time...

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