Sunday, July 29, 2012

The greatest oak...

...was once a little acorn that held it's ground - Author Unknown

A huge storm ripped through our area on Friday night - it was a pretty bad one. I looked out the window at one point and nearly had a heart attack. I couldn't see my back yard. Even though there were no sirens going off I completely panicked thinking we had a funnel coming down right on top of our house. Got so panicked that I turned from the back door and attempted to run down the hall to get my husband...but I ended up smacking face first into the corner of my dining room/hallway the nice bruise on my hip to prove it. It wasn't a tornado, but this big storm managed to do quite a bit of damage around us. In our immediate area there were roughly 2000 people without power for over 24 hours. It knocked trees down everywhere, including one in my back yard, which, of course, fell directly on my neighbors roof and took out a large portion of our chain link perimeter fence. The tree didn't punch through my neighbors roof (luuuuucky us), just messed up her windows, gutters, some shingles, her air conditioner and her riding lawnmower.... I guess it could have been a lot worse. 

We managed to cut most of the tree up yesterday, but now I have a huge stump sticking up out of the ground. Lord only knows how long it will take our wonderful landlord to take care of it and fix the fence.... We'll be lucky if it gets done at all. Landlords in Kentucky are simply the worst. THE WORST. I can think of another word for them besides 'landlord', if you catch my drift. 

Not only did our tree fall, but we managed to leave all four car windows down on our Scion and it got completely flooded. The radio finally came back on but it was shorting out for a full day, and the headliner had to drain.... We basically had three large fans set up in our car for about 10 hours yesterday. Seems to have done the trick though - no mildew smell and everything feels dry. 

We did drive around town a bit to check out some of the other storm damage and we came across a heart wrenching sight. Anyone that lives in Frankfort is familiar with the huge oak tree that stood in front of Highland Christian Church on Versailles Rd. I can easily say it was one of the most picturesque trees in the area. Over a 100 years old, it stood on the crest of a hill, right where the setting sun could light up it's branches like fire. 

My crappy cell phone shots on the fly out the car window simply do it no justice whatsoever

Well, it's gone now.


When we were there taking these pictures, we were talking to a little old man that was looking at the tree also. He said that he can remember when this church was in a tiny little white building just up the street. They moved the church to this location about 50 years ago and built it around the tree - and according to him, 50 years ago this tree was as big as the day it fell.

Ignore the fact that I'm smiling in all these pictures. I'm most certainly not happy that this bad boy went down. It's just really hard not to get excited and a little pumped when your up against something so old and just.....magnificent. 

Mister Man looking down the barrel of the tree trunk. It was almost completely hollow - which is why it went down so easy, of course.

I did manage to grab a small little Branch with some leaves and a couple acorns on it, so that I can press the leaves and save the acorns for some unknown future purpose.

What can I say? I'm nostalgic.

That was pretty much us this weekend. We were supposed to be camping up at Natural Bridges, but this storm threw a monkey wrench in those plans. Another time.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
'til next time...


  1. that tree was majestic! I never would have thought it was so hollow. blows my mind

  2. Majestic is the word I should've used! It was HUGE!!! I swear I feel like an idiot smiling in all the pictures, but it was pretty cool crawling all over it!


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