Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yep. Still here.

Hey there! Remember me??? Holy crap, a lot of my posts are beginning to start off that way! I've been a busy, busy little bee with a lot going on and had to step away from social networking for a couple of weeks. But I missed you guys! :D

One of the reasons that I've been absent is that I had a huge order come in through my etsy store. Huge by my little store's standards at least. A wonderful lady in Texas contacted me for some pom pom garland to hang in a wedding reception tent. It was my biggest order to date and I was so excited about it! Nervous (very nervous) and excited. The order was for 40 pom pom garland - which totaled 680 handmade pom poms. Yikes! I only had a week to get it done and my poor, poor little fingers look like sausages, but I am so happy with the results and the fact that I pulled it off! I can only keep my (swollen little) fingers crossed that it meets the bride's expectations. The customer told me she would send me some pictures of the finished reception area so that I can see what it looks like once it's all come together. Cannot wait to see them, and of course I'll share! :D 

In the meantime, look at the fun I was having!!!

Work area

Turned out to be 160 Orange, 160 Yellow and 360 Green

Shots of the partial order

There's a ton more to catch up on, but I'm about to throw my ass on the river in a I'm going to go get ready for that.

Hope all you awesome folks are having a nice weekend so far!

'til next time...


  1. Enjoy your time on the river after all that hard work because holy cow that IS a lot of work. Congrats on the larger order though, that's awesome.

    1. Thanks so much, Sara! It was a tall order but so worth it to know that I can finish something like that! :D Hope you and little one are doing well! I'll be headed over to your blog shortly to catch up - expect lots of comments, lol!


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