Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hey Pops...

Just wanted to say thanks for being you. You're a pretty fantastic cat and I like having you around.

I thought this year, since we're so far away from each other, it would be fun to thank you for some specific items that I have actual photographic evidence of (best torture I could come up with across the miles)....

So Pops, thanks...

for never dropping me....right?

for pictures like this...

for my insane love of the Incredible Hulk (and the fact that I still kinda dress like this)

for helping me out when I was having a rough one - there've been quite a few and you've been pretty awesome

for carrying me around amusement parks

for picnics and silly pets

for carrying me around Sea World and various zoos

for teaching me that snow doesn't need to be just fun
for all those really awkward family photos after the divorce

for all those really cool family photos after the divorce

for always making sure the train robbers held me up at Knott's Berry Farm...
or I could just say
for always making sure *cool thing happens* at *whatever cool place we went*

for my insane croquet abilities  (look at those faces - that's some serious business there)

for my obsessive photographic tendencies. After going through all these photos with me, my husband swears he now knows where I got it from.

So, basically, thanks!  And I miss you. Come see me. I live in Kentucky. 
I'll totally shoot you directions. :D
Happy Father's Day!


p.s. I threw in some misplaced modifiers just for you....see if you can catch them :)


  1. You had a pet goat?? when was this and why don't I know about it? lol

    1. Yeah. It's name was Grandolph. Long story, lol! He was cute though, wasn't he? :)

  2. hey - you actually haven't changed at all (awkward divorce photo my fave!)
    I hope you pa reads and visits...fee x

    1. Awkward divorce photo is my favorite too! I just love the looks on everyone's faces. ♥

  3. This is awesome, Colleen. The misplaced modifies cracked me up. The goat, oh so cute! And I can't believe you actually had baby fat. Hope he liked this post, it sure touched my cold, dead heart.


    1. Thank you ma'am! He might wander over this way and catch it...we'll see. I know he pops on to see what I'm up to every now and then. And yep - I was a full on chubster as a kid. I had fat rolls on my forearms. :)


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