Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harry the Common Grackle

Oh my. I have something much cuter for you today. :)

Found this little guy in our front yard yesterday afternoon. He'd either fallen or been kicked out of his nest and one of our neighborhood's numerous outdoor cats was stalking it, causing all the birds in the vicinity to go crazy. It was the sound of their incessant squawking that made me take a closer look.

Not sure if it's a male or female - too young to tell, but I can say that it's a baby Common Grackle. We have tons of those things around here - and well, there was one about to take my head off when I was taking photos of the little I kinda put two and two together.

Anyway, meet Harry.

That's what we're calling him.

I was worried for Harry, so I put him back on a branch in his little tree, where his mom and pops promptly came rushing over to count his little wings and toes...

...which were, of course, all there. I saved him from the cat remember? I'm the good guy.

Harry was a really cute little guy - even with his totally bare ass. He wasn't any where to be found this morning. So I can only hope that he figured out how to fly really quickly and the cats didn't get him.

Fingers crossed for you, Harry.  


  1. Totally cute. Way way cuter than yesterday. ;)

  2. I would NEVER have thought to put a bird back in a tree. And now I've typed that I realise how stupid that is!!!
    cute little tuft he has
    fee x
    ps boys LOVED that spider - and wished 'we had them here'. Not me.


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