Sunday, June 3, 2012

Floatin' down a creek

I can't even tell you how much fun we had yesterday!!! 

We got together with some of our friends and went canoeing and kayaking down Elkhorn Creek, just a ways down the road from our place, for several hours. Such breathtaking scenery - it was amazing. I was flying high most of the day.

I ended up with a just a few pictures of the day - only brought my crappy little phone to take pics with because I was afraid my 'real' camera would end up in the water. For some reason, my little phone didn't save half the pics I took, so here's what I managed to save.

I freaking told you it was breathtaking!!! And this doesn't even show all the limestone cliffs!

Todd's view for the majority of the day - lucky man

I can't believe how handsome my husband is - he makes my little heart go pitter patter

Classic Keith Rowland Extraordinaire

Heath, Laken & Tasha on shore, with Matthew splashing around in the water during one of our libation breaks

This is what you get when you ask Mister Man to take a picture.
He's totally awesome that way. :D

It was the perfect day to go too  - cloudy at times, with lots of breeze to cool you down. The kids managed to catch a baby turtle (saw lots of them sunning on the trees in the water) and someone caught a baby snake (not sure who that brave pup was). We had libations (although almost not enough) and someone produced a  Mason jar filled with whiskey at some point - that went down too. We managed to have a good old time and probably scared away half the wild life with our whooping and hollering. The creek was a tad bit low in some places, so we had some fun getting stuck on the rocks...and my husband enjoyed making me squeal like a little girl by furiously rocking the canoe back and forth and almost pitching me into the water (telling me the whole time that 'we're just practicing').

I can't wait to go again. Mister Man has already been checking out used canoes and kayaks online.

So thank you VERY much Keith, Nancy and Heath! We had a great time and are going to make you take us again!

'til next time...


  1. What a wonderful way to spend a day. Just seeing the picture of your canoe and the water makes me excited. Canoeing and kayaking our a couple of my very favorite activities. I always wish we lived near a lake where I could paddle every day.

  2. so glad you are still here...and loved sharing your trip. I'd love to go canoeing (?) and know my boys would be in heaven. No sure how happy I'd be about snakes though.
    Great news about your masseeeev order for your garlands too - look forward to seeing the photos!
    love fee x

  3. wow, i miss boat riding....i wish i will experience it again next summer.


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