Friday, May 4, 2012

Salty Snoots

We don't feed our dogs human food. They feed it to themselves.

As is normal for us, after grocery shopping we cleaned out our cupboards and fridge. I had some of the food I was going to throw away sitting on the floor of the kitchen. I left to change the laundry really quick, and heard my husband yelling for me to grab my camera, which of course I did and went running back in there. You never know what you're going to find in this house so I like to keep it handy. What I didn't expect to find was Crystal with her head stuck in a bag of chips. Not only that but she was going to town on them. And didn't really respond to us telling her to get her head out of it.

I'm going to issue my normal request to please ignore my nasally, incredibly loud and whiny voice on the video. As a matter of fact go ahead and just turn your volume down...there isn't anything that important that needs to be heard on it. Seriously, I hate to think that is what I sound like in real life. 

Someone reassure me here.... I don't really sound like that do I??? Is it as bad as I think? Oh, God.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure - another one of my mutts' great adventures.

It's kinda a good life these guys live :)

Tomorrow is Derby Day here in the Bluegrass - we'll be attending the downtown festivities for our little town of Frankfort. Unfortunately I don't have my Derby Hat...maybe in a couple of years (shhhh, I still think they're kinda silly - I'm sure they'll grow on me as tradition though), but maybe I'll have some fun pictures of other ladies in their Derby gear.

'til next time...


  1. Awww . . . your little furbabies are so sweet! And I think you have a cute voice, but I know how you feel - I always cringe when I hear my voice on video or voicemail messages!

  2. Thanks so much, Tab! But Crystal is a little more salty than sweet tonight! She is so funny because she's the one that usually guards the food from the other dogs! Guess she really digs Ruffles for their ridges :)
    I have the hardest time hearing my recorded voice - it just doesn't sound natural to me! I have to wonder if that's what I really sound like...cause if it is....Lord.

  3. HA! I love this video. I also like when the other animals kind of come and check her out. I think you sound fine, but I totally understand how weird it is when it's YOUR voice on the video. I think everyone sends different to themselves really. :)

  4. Hi Sara! Hope you and little one are doing well! Mister Kitty is always fascinated by anything that the dogs are doing - he follows them around constantly! I don't know what we'd do without these guys! And oh my, I certainly hope my voice sounds different to me! Cause...just...oh my!


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