Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life Lately

I caught me a Papa Bear!!!

A pretty little visitor

Papa loves Mama

We have some spoiled puppies here in Frankfort

Beer can chicken and salmon in the smoker for dinner - yummy

Fire pit from my kitchen window

Anderson County Farmers Market

The most delicious eggs I've ever had - we picked these up at the Franklin County Farmers Market.

Look at the speckles! They were so pretty and tasted so unbelievably fresh

And evidently happy chickens make gigantic ass eggs
This farm has duck eggs and goose eggs too - which are both huge, but I'll have to try eventually

The yam I was so excited to buy - almost the size of my head and it was the smallest one!
I love this time of year and all the Farmers Markets!!!

Well, that's about it. It's been pretty quiet around here the past few days.. I'm totally good if it stays like that for a few more days :)

'til next time...


  1. What, you didn't include the big hair photo?! You must! That aside, you guys look like you are adjusting well to country life!! These are such great shots. The pup in the trailer is my favorite!

    1. Oh my goodness...no. No, I don't think I could put the humidity afro on here. That was for my close personals, like you, that wouldn't be scared by it! lol!
      We are LOVING country life! Although to be honest, Todd's dream place to live is up towards you. He wants to be by Hood River (his childhood camping place). But we're looking at houses to buy out here...so we'll be staying at least 5-10 years I'd imagine unless something else pops up work wise.
      And yes! Wasn't pup so cute? They had a bubble machine at the Farmers Market and he was just sitting in his little cart biting ever so gently at the passing bubbles :D

  2. Awe, beautiful flowers and I love to see spoiled pets! ;)

    So, Colleen, are you from Chino and moved to Kentucky? All of my in-laws live in Chino (on Carlisle, Kellogg and Yorba) and I live in Ontario, but only a few blocks away from Chino. Aince I'm from Argentina and I still do not know everythign there is round the area, I'd really appreciate it if there's a place, festival or store you'd recommend! ;D I, on the other hand, miss my home city, Buenos Aires, but I'm also happy with what I've gained here, so I can't really complain :).

    Happy midweek, girl! ;D

    1. Yep! I'm from Chino but lived in Ontario off of Euclid and Riverside right before we moved to Kentucky about a year and a half ago. My husband and I went to jr high and high school together - graduated from Chino High. My family still mostly live in Chino around the Mountain Ave/6o FWY area. I know the area you are saying your in-laws live. How are you liking it so far in So Cal? I haven't managed to make it to Buenos Aires yet, so I'm not too sure how different they are. I certainly don't miss all the traffic! So much to do in So Cal, but takes forever to get there. Drop me an email and let me know what kind of activities you and hubby are into, or what kind of food you like and I'm sure I'll have some suggestions for you!

  3. LURVE these photos Coleen - so million miles away from around these parts (and yet many similarities!)
    I think I've missed a post or two - off for a catch up...fee x


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