Saturday, April 7, 2012

Some bunnies gonna break in my house tonight!!!

Hello peeps! Does everyone have fantastic Easter plans for tomorrow? Me and my Mister will be hanging out at the park, having a small picnic. Nothing big because his parents are coming up next weekend to stay, and we'll most likely celebrate then. Todd's birthday is on Monday, and I don't think his mom could stand being away from us on both Easter and his big day... Which is adorable :)

I wanted to stop off and direct your attention to the left where you'll see my featured blogger for the month of April - the witty, ever-so-sarcastic Brandy of the blog brandy-son Zen master flash. I can't wait for you guys to meet her and her crazy Boston Terrier, Frederick Biggie Franklin, whom she profiles in a reoccurring post called Fridays with Fred.  And I'm not gonna lie when I say that her silent vlogs are pretty hilarious...I'm rather partial to this one. 
the best kept secret md

But the only way you're going to know for sure is if you click over and meet her....unless you just trust me that much. In which case.....that's cool.

We'll be hearing more about Brandy later this month, so check back!

Happy Easter Eve!!!

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