Sunday, April 1, 2012

Random pics from our weekend

Not the winning lottery ticket.

This is how our cat woke us up Sunday morning

Hounds picking out a stick to nom on.

nom nom nom nom nom 

We visited the Salato Wildlife Center for the fist time this year

 Saw us a Bald Eagle. This guy is beautiful and he sat there talking to us while I snapped photos

A really, really fat and fluffy Bobcat

And a really lazy, sleepy bear that napped the entire time we were there.

We hung out in front of the buffalo enclosure - but evidently they're lazy asses too. Didn't see any.

Salato is a beautiful place to hang out. They don't charge an admission - they have a wonderful learning center, some great animal exhibits that include Wild Turkey, Alligator Snapping Turtles and Elk. The park that it's in has several lakes to fish in, and is where I take most of my pictures of all the Canadian Geese.

We've been trying to eat healthier. 

Enter smoothies.

And spring has sprung again, my friends. Bringing with it all the creepy crawlies that will have me screaming like a little girl for the next 6 months. Oh joy.

That's us this weekend! Hope your's was nice and relaxing!


  1. a) That scratch looks nasty. Maybe rename him bad daxter instead of fat? b)Fletch looks like he's having the time of his life. c) the bear sleeps just like my dog, with a leg propped up. d) omg is that a freaking tick?! How did you get such a clear close-up of the nasty thing? (and who was the unlucky creature that lost some fur and an unwanted guest?)

  2. The scratch was even worse than it appears! I stretched across his lower lip for about an inch, and there was another scratch under his eye! I'm losing the battle to keep Bad Daxter in the house.
    lol! That tick was a BIG sucker! That's why I took a picture of him. I took that one off Fletch. Poor thing keeps getting them, which is strange since he has the thickest fur. This one happened to be nestled in his front armpit. It was on a nerve and his leg was shaking uncontrollably. :/

  3. Maybe dax is having adjustment issues from living on his own in the wild for so long?? poor Fletch. I can sympathize - I had a tick in my armpit when I was a kid and yeah, my arm went numb


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