Monday, April 9, 2012

Hey Mister Man

Oh, and by the way...

I think you've figured out that you need to hide all accessible cameras if you intend to end up passing out before me...

Love ya, Boo


  1. He's just lucky you didn't draw something on his face!!! (dude you should totally do that next time.)

  2. Aw! Poor Todd! Catching flies with that open mouth! And even sadder, his scratched cheek from fatty! BAHAHAH! And is that an empty candy wrapper?? Looks like a good time! Hope you both are enjoying birthday fun! ;)

    Say haaayyy to the bday boy...

  3. Haha...Mark would kill me if I did that...mostly because I would capture on film his drool!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Freaked out 'n Small! :)


  4. LOL! You'd be surprised ladies! I actually received his permission to put that picture up! He's such a great guy! :)


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