Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh Hail No!

Another exciting, action filled day here in Kentucky. We dodged another round of tornadoes. Whew! They came close, within 10 miles of us, but we managed to escape major damage. We did however incur minor damage.

This hail managed to mess my car up pretty bad. It broke the windshield and killed just about every panel on the car. Seriously, the hood alone has 4 or 5 fist size dents and about 20 golf ball size dents. The rest of the car didn't far any better. At first I thought I had gotten off with just one dent and I was so freaking relieved...but then the sun poked his head out for a sec and I could suddenly see all the dents and their horrible graphic details.Todd and the neighbors were out looking at it and the general consensus is that insurance just might total it out. It's that or they'd have to re-skin the entire vehicle. Lucky me, now I get to deal with insurance. At least the car is still completely usable. It just looks crappy.

Before you ask, no we don't have a garage.

Here's a couple pics of the size of the hail - please keep in mind these are in my husband's gigantic bear claws. The one on the right is closer to the actual size of them. We waited a bit before we went out and grabbed a couple to photograph. The rain had melted them quite a bit by then.

Something I wish I had gotten a picture of but was too consumed with my car to think about at the time, was the spiky pine coned shaped hail. I'd never seen anything like it! The size and shape of smallish pine cones only much more spiky. They looked evil - I can't imagine how much those suckers would hurt.

And here's some fun video of the end of the hail. The really big hail only lasted about 2 minutes. Excuse my nasaly whiny voice in this video. I swear I'm one of those people that absolutley hates the sound of her own voice. So please don't make fun of it - or I'll get all uber self conscious and won't share my little videos with you anymore. 


After hearing that everyone is probably thinking "poor Todd". The man truly is a saint.

So tomorrow when the sun comes up I'll meander on out there and take some pictures of the car and jump on the phone with the insurance company. I'm sure we'll spend a chunk of time picking up branches and other debris too.            yay.  

hoping you're all safe tonight...


  1. Whoaaaa. Holy smokes. We got some big hail the other day too, but nothing close to THAT size. I hope everything goes smoothly for you with the insurance.

    1. Sara - I feel really lucky though because we had tornadoes striking down all around us. About 20 miles South of us the hail turned the size of soft balls. Imagine that! I started the insurance claim this morning. Fingers crossed it goes well. :)

  2. That is the craziest Hail I have ever seen. Jeez.

  3. Misty - this was bad, but about 20 miles south of us it turned to softball sized and was actually punching through people's roofs and coming into their houses!!! Can you believe that???


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