Monday, January 16, 2012

What's wrong with this picture???

Nooooooooooo.  It's not the woman in her mid thirties sitting around in a raccoon hat. (It gets cold - sue me)

It's my wedding rings missing from my stubby little fingers!!!!

Okay, so it's not actually missing - I know right where it's at. But still! I feel so naked without it. My poor thumb keeps reaching over to twirl it around my finger, only to find nothing and retreat back to it's little thumb neighborhood all bummed out.

I had to take it into Kay's this weekend so they could dip it, clean it and check the settings. I've never had white gold before - evidently it starts to turn gold-ish after a bit (mine lasted 15 months before it started to get just the tiniest tinge of gold around the inside). Thank God we bought the lifetime warranty which comes with it - which is AWESOME! For $300 they replace any diamonds, repair anything on the ring and dip it as many times as you want or need each year. A warranty that you can actually use! It rocks!

This is the second time we've used the warranty - the first being about 4 months after we bought it. I'd caught the ring on the inside of the washing machine while switching loads and one of the little diamonds came out of the wedding band. They replaced the diamond no questions asked. My only problem now is that I don't get it back until the 31st of January. They said it might come in sooner, but they were still dealing with the holiday rush (all those lucky, lucky women that got draped in diamonds for Christmas).

My poor thumb is so sad. :(

In addition to that - I look like I'm stepping out with a married man! LOL!

'til next time...


  1. Kay's lifetime replacement deals are awesome. I bought a lifetime battery replacement warranty for my watch years ago for $12.95. (Let's see - lifetime replacement for $12.95 or one time only for about $7...hmmm.) I've had the battery replaced at least 5 times on it. Totally paid for itself.

  2. I SO love your hat!!! I want one!!!

    I can't imagine going so long without your ring. >.<! When I'm in the shower, baking or cleaning my ring, my hand feels oh so naked. :( It's my pride and joy!!! My most prized possession!!!

  3. Yes ring warranties are great, if they get used. We have them on our rings, my husband lost about 40lbs and put off getting it sized-until he lost it. A year or so later he found it in our camping tent had it re-sized then lost another 20-30lbs...he lost it again because he put off resizing it. And this time we never found it. He now has a cheapy one I got on Etsy that has my name engraved on it and luckily he is now too skinny to need to lose more weight. I am naked without my wedding ring as well.


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