Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day!!!!

It wasn't a lot...but we finally got some! So today the nerds and I played outside in the snow for a bit...

I threw some snowballs for them - which they ate...

Mobee tried to catch some snowflakes on his tongue...

Crystal stared down every tennis ball in the yard...

We played tug of war (until Fletch pulled Mobee down the stairs on his side)

And we frolicked...

And then I looked down and realized...I'm a sexy bitch.

Boots, flannel moose pjs and snow jackets do it for my guy every time.

Hope you are enjoying your snow day!!!

'til next time...


  1. You and your dogs are adorable!

  2. Hey Mobee, you've got some snow on your chin...oh wait, that's grey fur. lol They look like they are having an awesome time.

  3. I totally second Tab's comment!!! Also, I want moose PJs!!! We love us some Moose in this house. ^_^

  4. Now, I'm not usually one for a dog picture...(soz!) but those are fabulous!
    And moose pj's? brilliant. I just love that you live in kentucky and wear moose pj's!
    love fee x
    (ps re last email...I'm ignoring the fact you are 35. You look at LEAST 10 years younger. Which makes me green with envy)

  5. Hey everyone! So sorry for not responding earlier...Blogger has introduced threaded comments and it has screwed up a lot of blogs. Couldn't get to my comment page until now.

    BUUUUUUUUUT....thank you all so much! Tab and Angie, you guys are too sweet!!!
    And Fee....I'm just eating this stuff up!!! LOL! I love you!

  6. I love seeing dogs playing in the snow. *Most* of them seem to enjoy it so much. :)



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