Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Off to a pretty good start!!!

I've introduced you all to my pal Tab before. She's from a corner of the blogosphere called Geektastic. She is always hosting the coolest, most innovative giveaways! Well, guess who was the lucky winner of her last one? That's right! Moi!!! I received a huge box full of the neatest goodies last week and I just had to give her a big 'ol shout out, because I had a blast opening it and going through all the items.... Forgive me while I show them off for a minute :)

First off were these awesome martini glasses from Crate and Barrel and Tipsy Crantinis. Todd and I used these to ring in our New Year! Don't they look delicious?

Next up is the adorable Hallmark Countdown to Christmas Calender that will make it's appearance on our fridge next December. I've never had an Advent Calendar before, so this is going to be fun to use.

It so cute and sparkly!

Who wouldn't go crazy over this little Sock Monkey ornament?? Still have it sitting out because I'm in love with it!

Todd made a claim on this bad boy the second he saw it! I believe his reaction went something like this "No freaking way!!!!"

We love Star Wars in this house.

There was also this insanely beautiful mug from Anthropologie (C for Colleen!) that she completed with this delicious Snow Geisha White Tea and a Crate and Barrel Tea Infuser.

In addition to everything featured above, she included a bag of toys for my animals from her cats Sullivan and Darby. (I'd totally put a picture on here but they're seriously scattered to the four corners of my house at this point!!!).

What a stash!! I can't thank you enough, Tab! I had so much fun with everything. ♥

If you haven't stopped by her blog, you should! She's a fabulous person and really fun blogging friend to have. :D

'til next time...


  1. SO glad you liked everything and I'm really glad Todd enjoyed the Santa Darth! Your pictures are gorgeous, by the way!

  2. AH!!! How fun!!! Tab is awesome, I'm so glad she's a friend of mine and a sponsor. <3 You're awesome as well! *group hug!*

  3. Wauw what a fantastic gifts you got! The monkey ornament is fabulous <3!


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