Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Historic Cove Springs Park

Some pictures from our trip to Cove Springs Park here in Frankfort. A historic park that was founded in the 1800s to serve as Frankfort's first public water supply. It was closed to the public until 2002 - it is now open as a nature preserve. It consists of over 100 acres - and has 5 miles of hiking trails. Todd and I like to make at least a monthly trip out here.

Several beautiful creeks run through it.

Gorgeous waterfall - hard to see, but most of that is icicles.

Came across this entirely blind snapping turtle sunning himself. One eye was missing and the other was...well, blind. He seemed to be having a pretty good day though :)

Can you tell it was just a wee bit windy? This is a water overflow tower that appears in my current header. You can find the ruins of several other waterworks throughout the park

Dogs had a really good time chasing sticks. Doesn't take much to entertain my nerds.

I can't believe that I didn't notice this before on our previous trips to the park - but there is a beautiful Children's Memorial Garden set back in the trees a bit. Has this lovely memorial statue

Stones are set so that you may sit and enjoy the beauty

Memorial bricks are laid around the statue

Amongst the memorial bricks are set marble stones with sayings - this one is pretty touching

Sorry to say, these won't be the last pictures you'll have to endure. It's waaaaay to pretty a place not to go photo crazy :)

'til next time...


  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the one of your hair blowing in the wind. :D

  2. That last one made me cry, but I am a sensitive one. Definitely a gorgeous place to spend some time. <3


  3. great pictures - and omg, your hair is so long now!

  4. You are so gorgeous, miss!!! I love your hair, as well. Brilliant shade of red!!!

    As for these shots, they are amazing. I love places like this and hope that this Spring and Summer Jen and I can venture around our home state some more!!!


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