Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Girl Pants

One of my favorite things about blogging, are the people I get to meet. I've come across some really awesome, intelligent, funny women that I've forged relationships with across the miles, all thanks to this little blog. Last week, I opened my mailbox and found a very sweet, very thoughtful gift inside from one of these lovely ladies.

My friend Tab, from Geektastic, had these wonderful business cards made up for me and sent to me as a complete surprise.

The reason she sent this incredible gift was in celebration of my new domain name

That's right! We're movin' on up! No longer will I be a blogspotter. Tab and I talked about it, and decided that it would be a great idea to go ahead and try my hand at an actual domain. What better time to do it than my 2 year blog-versary, which is coming up in February.

Having said that, I'd like to let everyone know that I'll be working on the transfer over the next few days, so don't be surprised if things are a little wonky. I'm pretty sure I can set up a redirect, but I'll let you all know about that as I figure it out. I should mention that I'm a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff, so if you encounter any problems I would much appreciate it if you'd drop me a note to let me know, so that I can work on a solution.

I shall now leave you with a parting shot of my very first order that included my brand spankin' new business cards. This little guy was sent out today and is headed for Jenn out in Knoxville.

'til next time...


  1. Awwww . . . this made me tear up a little bit. I can't wait to see freaked out 'n small 2.0!

  2. Thanks so much for everything, Tab!
    It means the world to me! ♥

  3. Awesome changes coming your way. Also, those are some pretty little business cards. Congratulations on your growth and your sales. :)


  4. Thank you so much, Sara!
    It's going to be pretty exciting once I figure everything out!

  5. Now, I'm not a fan of change (!!) so make sure this goes smoothly.
    Those cards are beautiful - what a sweet thing to do.
    Looking forward to sharing your next adventure...fee xxx (and a large bossomed hug too)

  6. Beautiful business cards. Congratulations and good luck on the new changes!-Misty

  7. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm so glad we got it to work. A smooth transition for readers, but not so much for us! ;) Thanks for being SO patient! :D

  8. It never would've happened without you, Tab!!!
    Thanks for all the work you did! And it does look like the redirect works smoothly! :D You rock!!!!


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