Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our wee Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree is up and ready to be adored by this family for the next month!

We sat all the pooches down and explained to them that there will be absolutely no lifting of any legs on any part of this tree.

Fletch suddenly wasn't so excited about it.

So far the tree has stayed upright - which surprises me seeing as there are tons of fuzzy butts knocking by it each day. I'm sure I've probably spoken too soon though. We have good years with Christmas trees, and we have bad. There was one year that the cats decided to try to scale the tree at least once a day - we ended up having to attach the tree to a screw in the wall so it'd stop falling over. This year we went with a smaller tree - 5 foot Frasier Fir, so even if it does fall, it won't be far! :D

'til next time...


  1. My dad ties the tree to the wall with fishing line and screws. Works pretty good and not that noticeable (they do it mostly because they get the biggest tree you've ever seen, not b/c of the dog anymore.) There's nothing you can do about the leg-lifting however. Notice that since Henry, the notorious "I will piss on your Barbies every day and mark your room/them as mine" my family only gets female dogs? There's a reason for that! lol

  2. What a beautiful tree! I bet your house smells amazing! I feel your pain as far as dealing with pets vs. the Christmas tree. Sullivan likes to try to chew all the light bulbs and Darby suddenly feels the need to climb it all the way to the top!

  3. Such a pretty tree! The little animals on it are so cute! We have a 6 foot fake tree that we weren't able to keep inside the house last year because we just got a new kitten at the time and she insisted on being IN the tree so this year we decided agaist breakable ornaments in case she (now a big fat orange cat) decided to get in the tree. Luckily she can't jump like she could last year :) That picture of Fletch is too cute!
    (Good luck with your tree skirt! I admire your patience for that task!)


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