Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some Serious Nerdage

About two weeks ago I posted this picture to my Facebook profile, showing how I'd spent six straight hours raking up leaves in my yard. I'd raked for so long, I had huge blisters on the palms of my hands!

The day after I took this picture the entire yard was covered in leaves again. So we're kind of in a holding pattern right now as far as yard maintenance is concerned. At this point we're waiting for the last big fall and depending on how wet everything is our options are to either bag it all or burn it. I've rambled on about this as way to incorporate a really lame apology for the state of my yard, and the 3' of leaves that my dogs are running through in these pictures.

My mutts were having so much fun running around and sounding like general jerks yesterday that I had to whip out the camera. Most of my shots are usually huge blurs where nothing is discernible. However I managed to snap a couple that closely resemble pooches!

Try not to notice the gutted Woobie laying about the yard.

Fletch and Crystal are prone to fits of pure excitement where they will grab a mouth full of leaves and carry them around.

Fletch finds that the leaves make a great place to flop around in.

Even if they make him a little itchy...

I shot a little video of the craziness I've had to endure lately. Seriously, these guys are like puppies again! They are having the time of their lives here!


Turn your volume down if you're at work before you hit play!

My dogs sound like total a@$%oles when they play - but I assure everyone it's all in fun and they love each other to death!

Mobee was particularly funny - he just kept running up onto the deck...back and forth. Then towards the end of the video when he's playing tug of war with Fletch - I swear it looks like he's doing the reverse worm. Also, if you wouldn't mind promptly forgetting my baby talk in the video, or really strange sigh at the end I'd really appreciate it. :)

My nerds, for your viewing pleasure...

'til next time...


  1. How totally cute!!! Our kitties sound like asses when they play as well. :P I think it's simply their way of "trash talking" one another, but it's all in love, like you said!!!

  2. That video is SOOOO cute and hilarious! I love that Mobee keeps haulin' butt up and down the stairs like he wants to be chased. Your yard, even covered with leaves, is gorgeous! How great to have such a wide open space especially for your pups! The photos of Fletch are too funny...he wore himself the hell out! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Ha. Your critters are awesome. :)



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