Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hola November!

I hope that everyone had a very spooky and very enjoyable Halloween!

We stayed home and handed out candy to all the adorable little ones in our neighborhood. There were a lot of children out this year which made it really fun to see all the different costumes. Trick or treating is a tad bit different out here than in California. For one there are set hours for trick or treating that everyone abides by. This year was 6-8pm (last year was 4-6pm which kind of sucked because it was still broad daylight out when the kiddies were collecting their goodies). I'm rather partial to this law since back in California we're used to having the obnoxious 16 year olds start knocking on our door at 9:30pm. Another thing is that people look for obvious signs of life in a house before they go up and knock... We had our pumpkins lit, spiders dangling and house lights on...and I was still flagging parents down to let them know our house was open for trick or treating!!

Probably shouldn't have done that though, because we still managed to run out of candy (so we had to blow out the pumpkins and sit in the dark until 8:05pm). Can anyone out there tell me how they manage to hand out just one item of candy to each child? I tried so hard - but they just stand there, pressuring you with their adorable little kid eyes...and they all walked away with several pieces. There was one little boy dressed like the Hulk that walked right into our living room and proceeded to try to take off with the entire contents of my candy dish.... He shocked me so much that he almost made it - little booger.

Pretty uneventful night for the most part. Todd and I messed around in the kitchen a bit. We had some homemade pizza for dinner - came out really good! Kinda surprised myself.

As for dessert, (this one is for my girl Jenna over at SewSavoireFaire Creations) I had a tough time finding any sort of recipe that called for Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows, so I improvised. I just made some regular old Rice Krispie Treats, but I substituted the Pumpkin Spice marshmallows for regular ones and tossed in some mini chocolate chips. They were yuuuuuuuummy, and I am not at all embarrassed to admit that Todd and I ate an entire 8x8 pan all by ourselves last night! I'm totally going to pick up another bag and make some more for Thanksgiving...which is **gasp** this month!!! Holy crap! How did that happen?

I should mentioned before I go that I found a bag of Gingerbread Marshmallows at Walmart the other day! Freaking hooray for any sort of marshmallow!!! So there should be some sort of gooey concoction coming up...

Until then...


  1. It's funny because before I read the paragraph underneath the photo of the treats...I was like...oh my goodness those rice krispie treats have my name all over them and then ta da! There was my name haha! They look soooooo yummy! It's only 7:50 in the morning right now so I should really stop fantasizing about rice krispie treats. You guys are whizzes in the kitchen...that pizza looks delicious too! It sounds like you had a fun Halloween night :) Except for that sneaky Hulk trying to rob you of your candy haha!

  2. Colleen, you're nuts! I’m glad you guys had a nice Halloween! Keep eating all that gooey shit and gain some weight! As much as those marshmallows sound so wonderful, I will never step foot in a Walmart. The stupid market here doesn't have them. Boo for me!


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