Monday, November 28, 2011

The cheesecake that almost was

See this pretty cheesecake?

I had a really cool post almost ready to go about it since it was my first attempt at ever making a cheesecake. Had neat little pics of the process and everything.

Todd and I each had one small piece. It was so freaking good - I can't even tell you. I was aiming for the Black Tie Cheesecake from Olive Garden which I was in love with back in California. I came across a recipe for it after searching for hours online and even though it was a horribly difficult cheesecake to make (hours and hours plus overnight) I took on the challenge.

Well. Set the cheesecake on the counter to soften so that I could cut pieces to photograph for a post....aaaaaaand evidently my dog is a BIG fan.

I was out of the room for maybe 15 minutes and when I came back into the kitchen I found this

and this

and after examining the snoots of Fletch and Crystal (Mobee was automatically ruled out since he's so short) we determined that Fletch was the Bad Dog since he had chocolate on his whiskers.

Todd was very, very upset with him. We waited for him to get sick but he never did - which surprised me being that the cheesecake was largely chocolate. I guess I came out ahead on that one.

I'm going to make another one very soon though. Todd wants a berry-ish one, but I'm going to try this one again. The Italian Mousse in it is mouthwatering.

So basically this whole post was to tell you that my jackass dog ate half my cheesecake last week.

But he is forgiven because he has the softest ears ever.

'til next time...


  1. Ahhhh! Oh my goodness! Bad doggy. Bad cute doggy...
    It's good that he didn't get sick AND ruin your cheesecake! That would've been when hell of a day. I can't believe he was able to eat so much of it so fast!

  2. Dogs are such goobers! Their cuteness does help though, can't stay mad at them too long. I guess he just couldn't resist that gorgeous cake. :)


  3. So I saw your FB posts about this day, but this is the first time I saw the blog entry. FB is sometimes quite contrary with what it wants to show me. One time, Nick left a fully loaded hot dog, complete with hot peppers and hot sauce, on the counter, and sweet little Rosie decided to bite it. (This is a dog who delicately plucked turkey from my mom's forgotten sandwiches sometimes and left hardly any evidence...except missing turkey. Lettuce, bread, etc would still be there. Rosie also liked to pick up PB&J sandwiches that Dylan trustingly left on the coffee table, which you know is attractively dog-snoot high. He was always so mad when his sandwich was gone later!) Anyway, she got a couple bites of this hot dog and the heat must have hit her, because she left the rest of it on the plate. Learned her lesson that day! Stolen food was rare after that! Kinda like Sammie biting my laptop cord and immediately no more chewing cords, except that required a vet visit to make sure she was ok. Maybe lay some hot peppers around your next creation??


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