Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pups know how to give moms heart attacks

Today we had an really scary experience. I just want to sigh thinking about it now. It wasn't anything crazy life threatening or anything....but one of our dogs, Fletch, hurt himself and it was quite a scary sight. Any doggie mom out there knows that seeing your baby in pain is just pure torture. The end result here turned out to be no big deal but....

I was outside taking pictures of some garland while Todd and the dogs played around in the yard. Suddenly I see Todd race over to Fletch. I'm not paying particular attention because I think they're just horsing around - but then things got real still and quiet behind me. I hear Todd trying to get Fletch to hold still. I raced over there thinking Fletch had tried to eat a bee again and had a stinger in his lip or something. Couldn't tell though because he wouldn't hold still. He was digging at his mouth with such a ferocity he had blood all over both his paws. He was tearing his gums and tongue to shreds trying to get at whatever was in his mouth. Flipping around on the ground like he was convulsing. I have never seen the likes of it before. He was panicking, and the blood was quite a sight. I started to think maybe a live wasp...

I'm having a freaking heart attack by this time - knowing it's Sunday and all the vets in town are closed. Todd and I were having to lay on top of him to restrain him from hurting himself any further. I ran inside to grab a cup of water to wash some of the blood out of his mouth so that I could get a good look inside- which was damn near impossible. After a minute or two of laying on top of him (and once I calmed down and stopped yelling at Todd to "HELP HIM PLEASE!!!!") he seemed to calm a bit and understand we were gonna help him out.  Todd restrained him while I pried open his jaws. Turns out our HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE nerd of a dog got a stick stuck in the roof of his mouth! It was jammed sideways between his teeth...stuck in his gums which I'm sure didn't feel good, but sure as hell didn't warrant the fit he threw!

I held his jaws apart while Todd pried it out, and I swear to you three seconds later it was as if nothing had happened. Apart from all the blood, and the fact I was shaking like a leaf. He was totally cool with everything and went back to chewing on Crystal's leg, prancing around like a freak.

Friggin Drama Queen.

'til next time... ♥


  1. Ah! Poor thing and poor you! Good Lord, I have no idea how I'd react if Daisy was bleeding like mad and there was no obvious cause! I'm glad it was just a stick and that all is well. Dogs tickle me! I wish I could get over things as quickly as they do!

    xo Shannon

  2. Whew. I would have freaked out just as much. Glad it was only a stick and that you all were there to help him out. Silly pooches.

  3. Oh goodness! I'm glad everything worked out all right! Haha, I thought cats were the drama queens. :)


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