Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How we wake up in this house...

First it starts off with a quiet snoot in your face.
Just silently waiting for you to open your eyes...

As soon as you do, it's a very graceful jump onto the bed, where he can sweetly lay his head on your chest and stare at you with huge brown eyes.  
He then proceeds to do this adorable exasperated sigh thing every minute.

Of course, that then alerts the other animals in the house that the humans are awake.

So in come the rest of the crew.

Crystal insists on making her presence know by laying directly on top of me whenever possible.

And of course Marley wants to be fed.

Now. He wants to be fed now.

In order to get you out of bed they will just sit there,..stare at you..stick their paws in your face...and make weird noises like grunting, whining and some weird Chewbacca shit that comes out of Crystal...

and if that doesn't work....

they will literally dog (and cat) pile on you.

Please ignore my disastrous room. I had my cell on my bedside table this morning and thought I'd snap a few shots of the pile of fur that I had to extricate myself from...

'til next time...


  1. Oh my goodness! This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love your mountain of furry children! That's like an animal mama's heaven :) Your pups are so friggin' cute I can't even stand it! They love their mama...and your room isn't that bad...trust me! :)

  2. oh - Colleen, this is HILARIOUS! Totally made my day. In fact, would you be up for trading my screaming baby for your snorting pups/kitty? Just for a day?

  3. Adorbz! You have some seriously sweet animals there. I miss having dogs so much, but since we live in an apartment, I want to wait until we get a house and a yard.

  4. ha. I totally understand the feeling. I wouldn't give up my furry ones for anything, but I do miss the days of a luxurious morning of sleeping in. Unfortunately the furry ones have their own alarm clocks. At least they're cute! :)

  5. Haha - sounds like our mornings! Except we only have 2 doggies to deal with =)

  6. Aaaahhhhh! OMG I love this! They are so so cute, I love waking up with wet noses and sweet paws! Thanks for making my day with this post, sweets! Give them some bear love from me :]

    xo Shannon


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