Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Autumn!!!

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn (hooray!!!) but it was raining and very muddy out here, so we ran some errands and then stayed inside playing Call of Duty. However today we had some occasional sunshine, so out to the park we went! Another area right around our house that we take the dogs to go romping is Cove Springs Park. It has a pretty decent little water fall with a neat little stream, a couple miles of beautiful hiking trails, and several huge open meadows...

We just brought Crystal along today. It was still muddy and I can only handle cleaning up so many muddy paw prints off the floor. She's getting so chunky...her belly falls over her feet when she sits. This is kind of freaking me out because Winter is just around the corner and she won't have as many opportunities to run the chunk off. We've already put her on diet food... I don't want to loose my dog because she's fat.

Anyhoo my friends, HAPPY AUTUMN!!!

Or should I say HAPPY BEST SEASON OF THE YEAR!!!  I know that most of you have been looking forward to it as much as I have, and it's freaking here! So let's all get out there and enjoy it! I know Todd and I will. We have to take advantage of every day we can before it starts to snow!

'til next time... ♥

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