Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cap'n Crunch Brownies

Have you ever heard of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen? If you haven't, stop what your doing and click over to meet Kristan and check out her fantastic blog! She does some pretty amazing things and she's pretty damn funny to boot.

Kristan dreams up the most insane desserts and makes them come to life! I don't have any kids yet, but so far I haven't needed them to whip up this deliciousness!

Although having kids would probably make people look at me less strange for eating this madness... I mean what self respecting 34 year old woman mixes Reese's and Cap'n Crunch into her brownies?

Me. That's friggin who.

Yesterday I thought I'd try my hand at her Cap'n Crunch Brownies. My husband walked into the kitchen as I was standing over the stove, stirring the Cap'n Crunch cereal into the chocolate peanut butter mix and just stood there for a minute staring at me.

"What in the world are you doing cooking Cap'n Crunch?"

"What? The cereal was going stale.
It's for you! It's gonna be good!"

Oh. And it was.

The ingredient list is as simple as you'll get:

Todd was a little more partial to them than I was - he's the big peanut butter freak. I might try them in an 8x8 pan next time and bump the Cap'n Crunch up a half cup... I like a little more chocolate in each bite. And the cereal gave them an awesome texture that I wouldn't mind more of it. But they were truly delicious!

Pop on over to her blog for the full recipe!

I have an entire 9x13 pan full of these, and I'm already searching her site for the next recipe to try, :)

'til next time...


  1. ha. Those look awesome. I love the image of your guy finding you cooking cereal. Mine would be equally confused. :)


  2. I finally commented back....sorry I was away from blogging for a while. These look yummmmmy!!!


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