Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are you freakin' serious?

Holy crap. I love Fall.

I haven't tried them yet.
I just keep holding the bag up to my face and inhaling.

What the holy hell can be better than pumpkin flavored marshmallow?

I'm off to find a wicked recipe that calls for these!

'til nex time...


  1. Um...yum! Where did you get them? Not that I'm asking so I can hunt them down or anything...

  2. I got them at Walmart!!!! I'm so excited to try them! :D

  3. Ha, I don't eat gelatin, but have to think these smell like the best thing ever. Mix of sweetness and pumpkin? Yes please!


  4. I don't even like the way pumpkin tastes and I would totally buy these just to smell them (and they're shaped like pumpkins). Fall rocks!

  5. Ladies, I will most certainly keep you updated on how they taste!


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