Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Really? That's how you found me???

So I signed up for Google's Webmaster Tools the other day out of curiosity. I am simply dying over some of the search queries that have brought people to my blog. Here are a few of the ones that I found funny:

cat in fridge (I can assure you I most certainly do not keep my cat in the fridge)

large ass (easy there buddy)

animals driving (I have yet to hand the keys over to Mobee)

cat fridge (okay seriously, who is the jerk that keeps putting their cat in the fridge?)

Amish sexy  (Truly curious about this one)

squirrel hands  (oddly enough this one makes perfect sense)

sniffing her ass (ummmmmmmmm. Somewhat disturbed by this one...)

and my personal favorite

friends don't let friends go to Starbucks (because seriously, if you really loved me, you wouldn't let me spend as much money as I do there)

Anybody else have some entertaining search queries that brought people to your blog?? I'd love to hear them!

'til next time...


  1. Ooooh, I'll play! For Craft Buds:

    *how do you measure a curling iron
    *no extra berços
    *two little pirates sewing
    *where do you have to look for craft persons to exchange items with
    *blanket with buds on it
    * how to start a vuissness for girls
    *which side of the changing pad is up
    *measurements for adult chefs hat

  2. Those are funny. I only use Bogger's basic search info and stat stuff cuz I am a loser at trying to figure it all out but I have wondered where they come up with some of the key phrases.

  3. I am dying over here! Someone really is on a quest to find info on cats in fridges! I'm a new follower...and a fellow sponsor of A is for Ampersand. I saw your banner on her post today and came to check your blog glad I did! Once I'm not at work I have to check out more of your posts. PS - your dogs and cat are soooo cute! If there are more cats than your Jabba I just haven't made it past page 1 of pasts yet!

  4. Hi Jenna! I'm so happy you stopped by! We actually have two cats right now, Jabba (aka Fat Daxter) and Marley (aka Stupid Cat That Steals My Loaves of Bread)... I adore them both! They fit in well with all our dogs. I've been over to your blog and I love it! I'm looking forward to paging through your posts as soon as I get a chance to sit down for more than five minutes!!! Hope to see you again!

  5. Thanks! : ) Haha...Marley is a fan of carbohydrates! I was told that my youngest feline stole a whole handful of my boyfriends cereal this morning when he wasn't looking. Bad cats! :p
    I'll be paging through your posts tonight!


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