Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gooey S'more Pie

Last Wednesday was National S'mores Day, and I whipped up a little pie in the kitchen, took some photos with every intention of posting them, and then promptly dug into my portion of said pie forgetting any ridiculous notions of this post I'd planned. It was that freaking good.

So this is late.

Sorry.  :D

Does that help? Does the cute little smiley face help?

If it doesn't then try this:

Gooey S'more Pie (click for link to recipe)

Let me know if you try it. Mister and I are beginning to think we just might have immature taste buds. Wouldn't THAT be a surprise? If you do try it - store any leftovers in the fridge and reheat for about 30 secs in the microwave when ready to nom on them again.

On a side note, what in the world is up with this crap? Does it ever stick to anything other than itself? Can you see the mess I made of the top of my pie with the SEVEN sheets of it I used? I just stupidly keep hoping that the next sheet will stick....okay, the next sheet will stick...okay, the next sheet....oh, screw it.

I just eventually give up and hope the weight of all the plastic does something to seal in the freshness.

And really how is this for a unique garbage disposal? We don't have one btw - ahhh the luxuries of old houses. Following you around the kitchen, all up in your business while you're baking? Cute - but a pain in the ass since he is EVERYWHERE you want to be.  I'll be at the sink washing dishes and he'll silently lay about six inches directly behind me - which of course nearly causes me to break my neck when I step back. I'm not sure what his intentions are...I'm pretty sure he likes me.

Solution = less dogs.

LMAO! Like I'd have any idea what to do with myself without these furry creeps hanging round all the time.

'til next time...

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