Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finally, I don't have to bathe my dogs!

We found a new spot! Hooray!
Been looking for a quiet little place along the Kentucky River to hang out and let our dogs swim - but until recently have only come across crowded boat filled areas, or places where people are fishing. Let me tell you, people aren't jovial and happy to see you if you screw their fishing trip up by letting your dog get caught in their line (yes, it's happened before - not the smartest dogs).

So we were overjoyed to find this place, even though it's a pretty steep hill to climb up and down (if my unathletic ass can do it, anybody can).

Crystal was thrilled. She grabbed her ball and headed into the water...

...waaaaaaay into the water.

This of course stressed me out a bit because boats kept coming by. But everyone seemed to get a kick out of the ball chasing water dog.

We hung out for a bit, watched her swim and enjoyed the nice day. Only one mosquito!! Holy hell, right??? That's what I was thinking too!

Crystal swam after her tennis ball the entire time.... and when we took it away to try to make her get out of the water, she made do with other things.

Like large branches that were floating by.

Doesn't Mister look thrilled? I think he was a bit tired. He loves it when I shove a camera in his face when he's tired. LOOOOOOOVES IT.  By the way, at what point did a Sharpei crawl up and take residence on the side of my neck? Sheesh.

and of course Mister left our least until the high tide.

I'm just super stoked I don't have to give my dogs baths anymore. I can totally just chuck them in the river! :)

'til next time....

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  1. I love this post! She is the sweetest thing swimming around, and I love that she improvised with a stick. AWESOME! He does look thrilled indeed, he looks about about thrilled as Andrew does when I get camera giddy and he's tired ;-)

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Shannon


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