Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY - Corkboard Uncrapified

I've had two really crappy cork boards hanging around my office (in a pile on the floor) for the last year. I've wanted to throw them away so many times, but held onto them thinking I'd do something with them one day.

Well, I knew that day had come when I glanced up from my desk to see this:

Time to break out the glue gun and attempt something with them.

So I busted out the following:

Glue Gun
Xacto Knife

And did the following:

Cut fabric to fit interior portion of pegboard.
Hot glue fabric to pegboard.
Once glue is dry, use an xacto knife to trim any excess fabric from the edges
Adorn with prettiness! I used $1 ribbon from Walmart and some pompom fringe I had lying around to hot glue around the edges.

It was necessary to put the ribbon around the outside to hide the huge holes in the frame...

And voila! Here is the finished product!

Much, much nicer to look at - don't you think?

At least they're not sitting on the floor anymore!

'til next time...


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