Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Really? That's how you found me???

So I signed up for Google's Webmaster Tools the other day out of curiosity. I am simply dying over some of the search queries that have brought people to my blog. Here are a few of the ones that I found funny:

cat in fridge (I can assure you I most certainly do not keep my cat in the fridge)

large ass (easy there buddy)

animals driving (I have yet to hand the keys over to Mobee)

cat fridge (okay seriously, who is the jerk that keeps putting their cat in the fridge?)

Amish sexy  (Truly curious about this one)

squirrel hands  (oddly enough this one makes perfect sense)

sniffing her ass (ummmmmmmmm. Somewhat disturbed by this one...)

and my personal favorite

friends don't let friends go to Starbucks (because seriously, if you really loved me, you wouldn't let me spend as much money as I do there)

Anybody else have some entertaining search queries that brought people to your blog?? I'd love to hear them!

'til next time...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Brown Sugar and Honey Glazed Carrot Coins

Last night was meatloaf night. Who doesn't love meatloaf night?

We like to have sweet carrot coins with our meatloaf. I usually buy the Del Monte can of carrot coins, however we've been on somewhat of a health kick so I thought I'd try them from scratch. 

Brown Sugar and Honey Glazed Carrot Coins

6 medium size carrots
2 tablespoons butter or margerine
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons orange juice
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons honey
Salt and pepper to taste
Peel and sliced up 6 medium size carrots

In a saucepan melt the butter

Then add the brown sugar, orange juice, honey and cinnamon - stir

Add carrots to mixture and allow to cook for 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally

Salt and pepper to taste

Serve and enjoy! While your at it try not to be jealous of my 1970s formica countertops. Truth be told, I just wanted to show them off.

'til next time....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finally, I don't have to bathe my dogs!

We found a new spot! Hooray!
Been looking for a quiet little place along the Kentucky River to hang out and let our dogs swim - but until recently have only come across crowded boat filled areas, or places where people are fishing. Let me tell you, people aren't jovial and happy to see you if you screw their fishing trip up by letting your dog get caught in their line (yes, it's happened before - not the smartest dogs).

So we were overjoyed to find this place, even though it's a pretty steep hill to climb up and down (if my unathletic ass can do it, anybody can).

Crystal was thrilled. She grabbed her ball and headed into the water...

...waaaaaaay into the water.

This of course stressed me out a bit because boats kept coming by. But everyone seemed to get a kick out of the ball chasing water dog.

We hung out for a bit, watched her swim and enjoyed the nice day. Only one mosquito!! Holy hell, right??? That's what I was thinking too!

Crystal swam after her tennis ball the entire time.... and when we took it away to try to make her get out of the water, she made do with other things.

Like large branches that were floating by.

Doesn't Mister look thrilled? I think he was a bit tired. He loves it when I shove a camera in his face when he's tired. LOOOOOOOVES IT.  By the way, at what point did a Sharpei crawl up and take residence on the side of my neck? Sheesh.

and of course Mister left our least until the high tide.

I'm just super stoked I don't have to give my dogs baths anymore. I can totally just chuck them in the river! :)

'til next time....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I forgot to mention...

So I completely forgot to mention this the other day (bad Colleen, bad). A couple of weeks ago I entered the 2 year blog birthday giveaway by the wonderful Shivani at My Owl Barn. I was the winner and lucky recipient of this awesome vintage hand hooked Owl rug hanging!

I wish I had a better picture of it - but my camera died last night. So this'll have to do. It's pretty snazzy though. :)

If you love owls (I do! I do!) and haven't stopped by her blog, you should! Anything and everything owls - she points you in the right direction! She showcases some awesome, awesome items....

Thank you Shivani! I love him!
'til next time...

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's laundry day

They love this crap.

'til next time...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY - Corkboard Uncrapified

I've had two really crappy cork boards hanging around my office (in a pile on the floor) for the last year. I've wanted to throw them away so many times, but held onto them thinking I'd do something with them one day.

Well, I knew that day had come when I glanced up from my desk to see this:

Time to break out the glue gun and attempt something with them.

So I busted out the following:

Glue Gun
Xacto Knife

And did the following:

Cut fabric to fit interior portion of pegboard.
Hot glue fabric to pegboard.
Once glue is dry, use an xacto knife to trim any excess fabric from the edges
Adorn with prettiness! I used $1 ribbon from Walmart and some pompom fringe I had lying around to hot glue around the edges.

It was necessary to put the ribbon around the outside to hide the huge holes in the frame...

And voila! Here is the finished product!

Much, much nicer to look at - don't you think?

At least they're not sitting on the floor anymore!

'til next time...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morning Moment with Daxter

"Mom, does this window make my back look fat?" 

Yes, my little Jabba. Yes, it does.

'til next time...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gooey S'more Pie

Last Wednesday was National S'mores Day, and I whipped up a little pie in the kitchen, took some photos with every intention of posting them, and then promptly dug into my portion of said pie forgetting any ridiculous notions of this post I'd planned. It was that freaking good.

So this is late.

Sorry.  :D

Does that help? Does the cute little smiley face help?

If it doesn't then try this:

Gooey S'more Pie (click for link to recipe)

Let me know if you try it. Mister and I are beginning to think we just might have immature taste buds. Wouldn't THAT be a surprise? If you do try it - store any leftovers in the fridge and reheat for about 30 secs in the microwave when ready to nom on them again.

On a side note, what in the world is up with this crap? Does it ever stick to anything other than itself? Can you see the mess I made of the top of my pie with the SEVEN sheets of it I used? I just stupidly keep hoping that the next sheet will stick....okay, the next sheet will stick...okay, the next sheet....oh, screw it.

I just eventually give up and hope the weight of all the plastic does something to seal in the freshness.

And really how is this for a unique garbage disposal? We don't have one btw - ahhh the luxuries of old houses. Following you around the kitchen, all up in your business while you're baking? Cute - but a pain in the ass since he is EVERYWHERE you want to be.  I'll be at the sink washing dishes and he'll silently lay about six inches directly behind me - which of course nearly causes me to break my neck when I step back. I'm not sure what his intentions are...I'm pretty sure he likes me.

Solution = less dogs.

LMAO! Like I'd have any idea what to do with myself without these furry creeps hanging round all the time.

'til next time...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fried Okra Patties and Jalapeno Poppers

Mister and I laid down the law in the kitchen last night. A full menu that we'll be eating for the next two days: steak (local, hormone free, grain fed beef), baked potato, french bread, salad w/feta cheese, jalapeno poppers (made from jalapenos grown in my beautiful friend Melissa's garden), okra patties (made from okra out of our garden) and corn on the cob. I'm full just reading that.

Anyone that knows me and reads this is probably having a cow - okra patties??? Yep, I grew 'em, made 'em, and ate 'em. All by my lonesome! :) (well, Mister helped too...).

We were going to try just plain old fried okra, until I came across this recipe for Okra Patties - we have okra coming out our ears right now so I figured why not?

This is the first time I've cooked okra and I quickly discovered that you don't want the larger sized okra - only the  minis. The larger ones are very thick (harder to slice) and the seeds are huge. The smaller ones are more tender with a less woodsy flavor.

The only thing I did different from the published recipe was add garlic salt.

So, turns out okra is disgustingly snotty and slimy when it's cut up.

Frying the little puppies up. We didn't shape them and they took about 3 minutes on each side to cook completely.

The final product - Fried Okra Patties. They were surprisingly good! Mister couldn't get enough of them. Insisted on saving the two that were left to eat tonight (not too sure how they'll reheat). He ate his plain, but I dipped mine in bleu cheese dressing and thought it was delicious. Something about the taste reminded me a little bit of a really good pico de gallo. Delicious :)

Like I said above, we also made some Jalapeno Poppers - well, Mister made those. He's the one that loves spicy food.

He cleaned and hollowed out the jalapenos and then filled each with provolone cheese, apple sausage, and some with chorizo.

Then covered them in batter; fried the crap out of them...

...and voila! :) More food to contribute to our high cholesterol medication costs in ten years.

'til next time...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sooo this is what my husband and I did this morning....

My birthday is coming up next week, and Mister gave me one of my birthday presents early. A new webcam – which we woke up and played with first thing this morning! I was excited to find that it came with all these silly little effects (my first webcam and all) and had fun trying them out on Mister. He hates this crap and will probably have a coronary when he finds out I've posted these. He's so flipping adorable though I can't resist.  :) 

My favorite effect is that of the last pictures though – didn’t bother to check what it was called and I’m too lazy right now… I just loved the colors in them – and that they hid the fact I was wearing no make-up!

Thanks Mister, for the webcam and the laughs (and a whole bunch of things).

Friday, August 12, 2011

There's a little goth in all of us

Have I mentioned that Mister and I like to hang out in a grave yard? We found this crazy-beautiful little spot down the street from our house in the Frankfort Cemetery; a shady, wooded area that surrounds Daniel and Rebbecca Boone's (supposed) grave site.

The Daniel Boon Memorial Marker is located at the right of the picture above.

This particular spot overlooks our little city of Frankfort, the state capitol and the Kentucky River. Man, talk about a wonderful view. It's the perfect spot to bring an iced tea, just sit and talk - hold hands and get all stupid romantic. Which is what we did yesterday evening.

(see? all stupid romantic)

I love our capitol building. It's so elegant and beautiful - one day I'm going to have to do a post on the inside of it. There's also this really cool suspended flower clock in the back of the building that I find pretty cool...

Here's me again - wow! Four whole pictures of me in one post! Aren't you lucky??? But hey, this is my attempt at putting myself out there a little more. So....that's me folks!!! My husband is getting so much better at taking pictures don't you think? He's a doll :)

And did you really think you were going to get out of here without seeing some sort of critter? Puh-lease. You should know me better than that! I came across this little guy while sitting on the wall. He's flippin cute. I love his two little bent whiskers.

That's me for now friends :)

'til next time...