Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The beer was cold...

This last weekend was spent at the farm in Indiana enjoying family, friends and some fireworks!

We had TONS of food, a keg, a band playing and corn hole!!!

My wonderful MIL, Sandy, got up to sing a bit also
(that's her on the right of the keyboard)

The guys really enjoyed their fireworks that went bang and blew the sky open - but I was more involved with the little ones like these....


I found the cutest little fireworks out here!
There are even metal sparklers still! Freaking metal!

Had a blast! Wish I had taken more pictures, but truth be told I was a bit tipsy and managed to only take pictures of really stupid things all night long!!!!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!

'til next time...


  1. beautiful pictures-- I especially love the older guys with guitars, the beer cup- ha, and that last picture!

  2. hey - been a while since I've been here - and lovely to see you over at mine this weekend! Love the new profile pcture BTW - super cute!
    these pictures are ACE - the fireworks so retro.
    have a happy new week
    fee x


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