Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I've Got One!!!

Hell yes! I've fnally got a reason to wear wellies! I've always loved them, but never had a need for them. Well, the South has presented the opportunity. With the clashing of Spring and Summer comes ample opportunity for rain and mud! Thunderstorms abound!

I was stomping around the farm last weekend in my wonderful MIL's pair while we started thier garden. Todd snapped a picture of me while we were waiting around for some more stakes to arrive.

Sandy, above-mentioned wonderful MIL, saw that I was having so much fun stomping through the mud that she went out and surprised me with a pair of them! Here are my new pair of Wellies!!!!

I promptly put them on and ran around in the mud some more. Thier maiden voyage and all...  Mister laughed at me because I insisted on rinsing them off with the hose once we were done working. I couldn't help it, I just love them!

Thank you Sandy!

In my sudden Wellie craze I couldn't resist sharing these Wellies by

and this adorable picture of a little piglet in Wellies.

Pig in wellies

 Too cute to pass up!

Do any of you have a secret love of Wellies?


  1. I LOVE wellies. I have a polka dot pair that I wear every time it rains.

  2. Cute! I have a polka dot pair too but I never wear them. Maybe if I trespass through someone's farm I could have an excuse to wear them.


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