Saturday, June 25, 2011

Frozen Yogurt Therapy

I was feeling a bit antsy on Friday so Mister drove me into Lexington for some frozen yogurts at naticakes. This little place is located by the campus of UK and sits across the street from Hugh Jass Burgers.

The decor was so refreshing! Shabby chic isn't exactly prominent in decor in this neck fo the woods.

They said it, so I did it...

and came up with this delicious mess! A mix of choclate and vanilla yogurt, topped with strawberries, brownie bits, crumbled Oreo cookies and hot fudge sauce. You know you totally want to run out and get some right now...  :)

As you can see from the totally content smile on my face, I enjoyed it immensely. (Mister loves to take shots up my nose for some reason)

When we lived in California, we used to go to a little shop in Chino Hills called Joghurt... I miss that place.  I miss being able to frequent frozen yogurt shops in general. Lexington is the closest to us now which is approx 25 minutes away. Holy crap I have to drive a half hour to get frozen yogurt and sit in a movie theater with cup holders now.... For some reason I get a huge kick out of that!

'til next time...

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