Thursday, May 19, 2011

The White Squirrels of Olney

When we first came out to Indiana two summers ago, Cousin Ronnie told us all about the infamous white squirrels of the town he lives in, Olney, IL.  He said they were so cherished that the townspeople get together on a yearly basis and conduct a white squirrel count. The count is performed over three saturdays during the month of October, where volunteers actually go around and count the white squirrels, grey squirrels and cats in the area. This of course brings to mind an image of squirrels lining up in the street with little numbers clutched in thier adorable little squirrel hands. Pretty sure that this isn't exactly how it happens - but that's how I'm going to think of it since it tickles me so.

If you read this blog at all, you know how much I adore animals. So Todd packed me into the car last week and drove me out there, I'm guessing in hopes that I'd stop talking about them. Big mistake, cause now I'm really talking about them - and showing pictures.

They. Are. So. Cute.

Here are a bunch of blurry, not-so-great shots of some really exhausted looking 'white scurls' as I like to call them. :)

Seriously, if you're ever in the area they are worth stopping and seeing!

'til next time....


  1. Holy moly those are funny lookin'! So...what makes them white! Are they albino? A separate species? Awesome pictures.

  2. The squirrels in Olney are actually Albinos - if you look closely at some of the pics you can see they have red eyes. As far as I know the only places that have a large population of Albino Squirrels are Olney, IL, Marionville, MO and Kenton, TN. There's kind of a grudge match between Marionville and Olney - Marionville says that the first Albino Squirrels in Olney were actually kidnapped from Marionville back in 1899 (don't know the truth to that). :) Olney is awesome though - even thier cops have white squirrels on thier uniforms, and the town giveS the right-of-way to the white squirrels on the road! It's the law! LOL!

  3. you and your critters!!!
    love these little guys - especially the one have a full length stretch out on the branch.
    your photos make such a refreshing change from crochet!
    thanks so much for leaving kenzie a message - he did ask me about you and your critters...and I did tell him!

  4. Fee - Can you believe I actually started this blog to show my experiences while learning to sew? Things have kind of taken a turn! LOL! You just never know where things are going to end up! I really enjoyed Kenzie's post! I had to show it to my husband - been bugging him for a turtle recently - but he's put his foot down! ♥

  5. I knew about this only because I saw them with my own eyes and my grandpa had a little Kiwanis statue with a white squirrel holding a heart, so yes they ARE proud of them=) I do so also love the little one all tuckered out on the tree branch.


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