Monday, May 2, 2011

Again with the little geese things!!!

Mister has been very understanding lately. He knows I've fallen in love with the little goslings at Salato, and he's been taking me there daily to feed them. It might be because he keeps saying "no" to me getting a baby bunny... Maybe he thinks if he placates me with the baby geese I'll be distracted enough to forget that I want one. Nice try hunnyThere is a bunny in our future somewhere....

Sooooooo since I don't have an adorable baby bunny, here are some gosling pics for your viewing pleasure....

One particular goose was very taken with Mister and kept following him everywhere. Highly amusing.

Just in case you ever wondered what the inside of a goose mouth looks like. It's actually kinda cute.

They eat right out of your hand which is kind of cool - until you get goose spit all over your fingers! But goose spit aside, the little ones are just heart breakingly adorable.

I'm hoping to get to photograph the little guys as they are growing, getting all the stages along the way.

'til next time...

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