Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Adorable Gosling Invasion of 2011

Mister and I somehow ended up at the Salato Wildlife Center today. We were cruising around drinking our Starbucks and watching people fish when we stumbled across all these little guys!

My camera seriously ran out of batteries after snapping only about six pictures - how does that almost always happen? :) I need to get me one of those nifty camera bags that are all over the blogosphere right now, maybe carry some extra batteries. Then again, that might make too much sense for me.

The pictures don't give you a real idea of how many there were. I saw at least 5 different mother/father combos with their little trails of goslings behind them. Maybe 30 little ones all together in just one little portion of the lake. It was almost too much cute for me.

I think we might head out there tommorow morning to see what wildlife we can stir up.

'til next time...


  1. too cute is right!
    (and at last an animal I recognise!)
    New ducklings arrived today - you're gonna love them too - go see!
    fee ♥


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