Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is here, and the critters are coming out!

I'm by no means a snake lover...but how can you not think this little guy is cute?

I saw him slither across our yard on Sunday, but he's a quick little bugger! Never thought I'd see him again, but lo and behold he was basking in the sunshine today. Mobee was sniffing him, so of course I panicked and made my brave little pup go inside.

Then I came back outside with my camera. I'm going to feel really silly if this is a poisonous snake..but I don't think he is. Looks like just a tiny garden snake to me. Any guesses?

*update - I've found that this is an Eastern Garter Snake. They are common in Kentucky, even in urban areas, and harmless (although they may bite if scared or picked up - no worries there, cause that won't be happening!!!)

He is welcome to stick around - as long as he doesn't get too much bigger!

Now I'm going to be on the internet forever trying to figure out what he is.

'til next time...


  1. because it's NOT cute! I am SOOOooooo impressed that you could go back outside and take pictures!
    I couldn't live anywhere there was the faintest possibility that there might be a snake. (please don't anyone remind me we have tiny grass snakes in Blighty!)
    Full respect to you my friend
    fee x

  2. A video of you chasing that snake around in the yard with a camera would have been hilarious!


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