Sunday, March 27, 2011

S'mores Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding is something that always seemed kinda weird to me. I'd never tried it until tonight. Just the thought of a pudding with soggy bread in it...ick. Then I happened upon the incredible blog of Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice and this recipe. She made her S'more Bread Pudding looks so unbelievable gooey and delicious that I just had to try it. 

So I did.

Mine looks like it came out on the softer side. I only used 8 cups of bread, and we added a few more marshmallows than the recipe called for (because we are extreme marshmallow lovers in this family), this could be the reason. I also used regular graham crackers since that was what I had on hand.

But overall, it was delicious. A little too yummy... The two of us managed to finish the entire pan in a timely fashion.

This was definitely a good choice for my first bread pudding experience! 

'til next time...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Husbands are the best...

...when they come home with Starbuck's Iced Tea and cake pops!!!!

Mister knows the way to my heart...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is here, and the critters are coming out!

I'm by no means a snake lover...but how can you not think this little guy is cute?

I saw him slither across our yard on Sunday, but he's a quick little bugger! Never thought I'd see him again, but lo and behold he was basking in the sunshine today. Mobee was sniffing him, so of course I panicked and made my brave little pup go inside.

Then I came back outside with my camera. I'm going to feel really silly if this is a poisonous snake..but I don't think he is. Looks like just a tiny garden snake to me. Any guesses?

*update - I've found that this is an Eastern Garter Snake. They are common in Kentucky, even in urban areas, and harmless (although they may bite if scared or picked up - no worries there, cause that won't be happening!!!)

He is welcome to stick around - as long as he doesn't get too much bigger!

Now I'm going to be on the internet forever trying to figure out what he is.

'til next time...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grandmas = Awesome

Is being awesome a prerequisite for being a grandma? Cause my grandma rocks.

During my trip to California last month we got on the topic of mosquitoes, and how they love me...and how I found out that I'm kinda allergic to their bites (ouch). I personally am not a huge fan of spraying toxic chemicals onto my skin...but I will if I have to. Seriously, you should see the size of the mosquito bites I get - they're ridiculous. One of the remedies we had heard about to head off mosquito bites is to use Skin So Soft by Avon. Never tried it before, but I've heard from several ladies out here that it helps.

So on Friday my friendly postman dropped off a package in which I found these:

Now that's a grandma that cares! In addition it was a total surprise, and if you know me at all getting packages in the mail is up there with puppies and kitties for me...

Here's a picture of me with my grandma (my dad's mom) and Aunt Shaun from this last trip.

I'm really missing my Grandma Sandy right now, so let's take a short walk down memory lane. Here are some older pictures taken between 1977 and 1980 of my grandma and myself (yes the math...I'm not ashamed). Thanks to my incredible dad for parting with them!

Grandma Sandy, my grandfather Bill Short and myself - 1977
(I this picture of the three of us)

Both of my grandmothers and wee-Colleen - 1977

Grandma Sandy and oh-my-God-I-was-cute - 1978

Grandma Sandy, myself, and my G.G. (Grandma Sandy's mom) - 1980

I just love, love, love these old pictures. I've never had a picture of myself as a baby until the last year, and seeing myself as a baby with all the people I just awesome. My dad and I spent several days going through photos and scanning them while I was out there, so I'm afraid to say there's gonna be more to come!

'til next time...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dear Mr. Ritter....

Please be prepared to put up with me jumping up and down, screaming at the top of my lungs and taking excessive pictures of you at the show tonight.

No I will not apologize for it.

It must be done.

Josh Ritter : Folk Bloodbath

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek........ ♥

Monday, March 14, 2011

Starbucks woos me yet again...

So it's been awhile. I know. What can I say? Things come up... Things come up that I don't always want to blog about. Things that maybe I wish had never happened, and would love to forget sooner than later. But here I am again to bore you with the minute details of my extraordinary existence.

This past weekend was a good one, starting with the 70 degree weather we had (here's to hoping the snow has made a retreat until the latter part of this year).

Then there were the free Starbucks cake pops. One each day for the three days they were giving them away. I never let an opportunity go by to get free crap!

arrrgh! Yes I enjoyed them immensely. I actually have to reccomend the Rocky Road cake pop - it's deeeelicious!

Mister and I stopped to check out a park that we had passed by several times. There was a semi-flat basketball floating around one of the courts, so we played a horrible game of horse (in my Emus no less).  We had so much fun, we ran to Walmart that night to buy a fully inflated basketball and returned the next day to play again! Hopefully this will be a new weekend activity...

While we were at the park, this little gal was hanging around munching on some grass and checking us out. As soon as I lifted the camera to take a picture of her, she was off like a bat out of hell.... I think the deer out here get very nervous the second you start to look at them out of anything that slightly resembles a scope...rightfully so.

Speaking of the deer in our area - ummmmm, they are freaking thick. Like, I see herds of them all along the roads, in yards, out in the woods... Which is as cool as can be for a California girl like me. But at the same time...that means that they are starting to get hit on the roads again. Which just tears me up inside. I know, I know. I'm a freaking bleeding heart hippie - what can I say?

We also had a little visitor this weekend that we showed around Frankfort... Cassie Bug, Flat Stanley will be on his way home to you shortly!

til next time....