Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm back and I have a weird ass cat

So it's been a little quiet on my blog front the past week or so. Turns out having the flu does not do Colleen's body good. But I think we're (mostly) back to our regularly scheduled programming. I'm hopeful anyway, since I leave for California in 2 days and flying with what has now turned into a cold can be somewhat uncomfortable. You know, with the sinus pressure causing your eyes to feel like they're going to pop out of your head from the pressure of taking off and landing...? Oh, I am so excited.

Onto the regularly scheduled programming... Which usually consists of one of my animals driving me crazy... So on that note, does anyone else's cat do this type of weird stuff?

This is the second loaf of bread I've purchased this week. Marley has managed to steal both loaves, drag them under the dining room table and eat a large chunk out of them. What the hell? 

I understand that this is mostly my fault. I mean, I know that he does this. I've lost countless loaves of bread since owning him. The bread should be placed on top of the fridge, inside the bread box so that Marley cannot get to it.

However, placing a loaf of bread on the counter and then leaving the room for three minutes should be okay....shouldn't it?

Stupid, adorable cat.

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  1. haha. . . you think that's bad check out this cat.


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