Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tart, tangy and oh so sweet

My sister-in-law is a wonderful baker, and she has recently started a blog, The Adventures of a Suburban Amateur Baker, to chronicle her experiences.  Her most recent post was on Lemon Bars, which I had never tried, so of course I was up for a challenge.  Besides, my Mister is rather partial to the Lemon Bars his mom makes.

You can find her recipe here - just look how few ingredients it calls for! 

I'd never zested lemons before. For my first time I used the fine portion of a cheese grater since this was all I had on hand. Can you tell that I'm a little paranoid about zesting? This picture is of the lemon after I grated it... I think I'm leaving too much zest on the lemon...

Then I squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezed. A lot. :)

After mixing the crust, pressing it into the pan and baking it.  I whisked the lemon mixture together and poured into the pan.

I overbaked them by just a few minutes, but overall they were delicious!

At least, half the pan is gone already...and I haven't heard Mister complain...

'til next time.....


  1. Yours look amazing, glad you liked them. I just bought this at Amazon, but I can't review it as I haven't used it yet.
    I like gadgets, even though sometimes I don't know how the hell to use half of them.

  2. They look great, I love lemon baking, reminds me of Summer!

    Blue Skies,
    Charlotte xo

  3. yummm. I love lemon bars too...yours look amazing!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my apron swap blog...I look forward to having you join one day soon......

  4. Thanks all! They were soooo yummy! Too bad I fell asleep and forgot to put them in the fridge...

  5. om nom nom nom ! Those came out amazing !!! Yum-my !


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