Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Starlings are taking over

Yesterday I commented that I didn't know if I wanted the few European Starlings that I had seen in my yard hanging around.  I've heard stories of flocks that practically blotted out the sun, and folks, I don't have that much bird food. Nor do I want to clean up that much bird poop.

Well, today I'm getting concerned, cause it got worse.

Those are all starlings...they just kept coming in.

Sorry about the crappy video quality and the fact that I had my music blaring in the background...

They're neat looking little birds, and funny as hell.

But I don't want that many of them! They cleaned out my entirely full bird feeder, 1/4 loaf of bread, and 2 apricots in about 2 hours.

But how do I chase them off and keep my other lovely little birds? Ah, the quandry...

'til next time...


  1. If you really want to get rid of them, first, don't put out ANY more bird seed until they're gone, because free food will make them want to stay. Second, read this

    Hope it helps!

  2. You know what really sucks about starlings is that the entire population in N. America (200 million) came from approximately 60 individuals that were released by some dude in Central Park - he was trying to populate the country with all the birds mentioned in shakespeare’s plays. So not a great idea.

  3. @Shaina - I'm contemplating that, but just worried I'll lose my squirrels, cardinals and bluejays... I might have no choice though.

    @Sonja - I read that the other day! They said that they kill these birds more than any other nuisance animal in Northern America. It's funny that I've never seen them until now. I guess thier not in California?

  4. Check out Mother Nature's on facebook--these guys are my go-to sages for bird advice! A cute little couple own the shop and have for years--they know so much!!/pages/Mother-Natures-Feeding-your-feathered-and-furry-friends/325523483287

    Good luck!


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