Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010!!

Ever have one of those years?

 Mister and I were talking over dinner the other night, and we came to the conclusion that 2010 was one of those years for us. As we reflected over some of the things that happened we laughed, laughed harder, and at times shuddered... You can't have good times without the bad, right?  

Here are a few of the things that made this year stand out for me (*disclaimer - post is saturated with pictures!):

I started this wonderful blog you are currently reading

Mister and I took two very long road trips with our dogs

  We lost Cujo, our family Doberman to old age

Mister started a new job

We moved to Kentucky...and discovered snow

We got engaged

We got married

I lost my chinchilla, Beastie, to a horrible accident
Adopted another dog into our family 

I learned how to sew

I ran into a parked car - whoops.

Shot my first gun

Talked my way out of two tickets (my grandma was super proud!)

There were so many more HUGE things that happened... way too many to list.

Mister and I are sure that 2010 was just a warm up for 2011.  So bring it on!


  1. Wow, you did have quite an eventful year, but that's what makes life so amazing. And you came out on the other side that much wiser and stronger. Tell my little bro I said "hi."

  2. Wiser and stronger is one way to put it! LOL! :) We definitely have a more colorful vocabulary!


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