Sunday, January 23, 2011

Doodle Stitch-Along

Turns out I have great timing in my quest to learn how to embroider.  Aimee Ray is having a Doodle Stitch Along and I've decided to join in! This is my first submission, which I've posted (late, of course) to the flikr group.

This pattern is from week two, I haven't gotten around to the pattern from week one yet. Maybe I'll get to it if I finish the week three pattern in time (this is very doubtful)...

I'm in the middle of painting and decorating my sewing/craft room and pretty much everything has been displaced to the living room, making it a tedious task to try to sew or embroider right now.  Especially since Fletch likes to eat things like embroidery floss, or needles, or pieces of fabric...

'til nex time...


  1. cute, I love the idea of a craftroom. I need a test kitchen=-)

  2. Wait til you see it Kim! I'm going to do a post on it when it's finished. Your brother made me the sweetest sewing desk that I painted teal! I told Todd when we have land I need a seperate little cottage as a 'studio'. It would need to have a fireplace, crafting area, and small kitchen with ample light for photographs... I don't think that will ever happen - he's afraid I might just move into it! LOL!


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