Friday, January 14, 2011

Do over!!!!

Last year I had scored tickets to see Josh Ritter's solo acoustic performance at Fingerprints in Long Beach. Josh Ritter. That is a serious, serious swoon.

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Unfortunately I ended up in the hospital the week before the show and was unable to attend.  My wonderfully sweet husband loves me so much that he drove down to see him all alone.  He stood there obnoxiously holding the camera so that he could video some of the performance, then he stood in line for over an hour so that he could meet him and have him sign some items for me.  I'm pretty bummed because I wanted to post a picture of him with Mr. Ritter, and for the life of me I can't locate the files on my computer... I'm sure he had a good time, but he said he felt really out of place since 90% of the audience was couples. In any event, I was still horribly out of sorts that I couldn't go since I adore Josh Ritter through and through.

Well, I get a "do over"!!!! He's freaking coming to Louisville on March 19th!!! It will be another acoustic show - which are just the best because he really interacts with the audience. The tickets don't go on sale until February 3rd, but I have it programmed into every electronic device and written on every calendar already.

Here are two videos taken by another fan at the show in Long Beach that I missed...

Do you see how wonderfully fantastic he is???

If I can just score tickets to this, oh man, I will be a happy, happy camper.


  1. okay, it's really not my type of music as I'm more of a Chris Botti, Michael Buble' and Johnny Lang (all equally hot and talented in their own way) kind of gal, but I can see the appeal. He is a tall drink of water=)


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