Saturday, August 14, 2010

Special Dinner for a Special Dog

Crystal is a special dog. At least if you ask her she is. 

So we thought we'd give her the special dog treatment and take her out to dinner with us to my favorite place to eat right now...

What a lucky dog!

She even got her own plate of a beef patty and fried egg! 

Of course as soon as she finished that she was asking for ours.

It was a very yummy dinner. 

I'm going to miss Johnny Rockets if we end up moving...

Now that I see how tight her harness is getting, I'm thinking Johnny Rockets might not have been the greatest idea after all...

She enjoys her car rides so much. Loves to stick her head out the window and let her ears flap in the wind.

I wish I could get a better picture of her with her head out the window. They all usually come out pretty fuzzy though. I can see with amazing clarity, however, the guy riding our ass in the picture. Got to love California drivers. 

'til next time.....

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